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17.NOV.2006   A Beginning

So far so good. I've got a domain and some hosting, what's missing?
Ah yes, the content. :)

22.JUN.2007   A New Home Page

Long overdue I know, but the home page finally gets a face-lift! The new sections are intended to provide better organisation and faster access to specific pages as the site continues to grow.

01.FEB.2008   Website Improvements

I've improved the handling of website news, leading to a new look site history page. This clears the way for adding an RSS feed to the site, something I know the many InfoMap users out there would like to see. :)

Also some minor updates to the Vanguard PoI Database page as well.

05.MAR.2008   RSS Feed

The website finally gets its RSS feed, which should prove particularly useful for Vanguard players using the InfoMap UI mod. Added a favourites icon too.

02.MAR.2009   Website Revamp

Yes it's true, I've managed to drag myself away from my various projects long enough to improve the website! The page framework has been given a new look whilst retaining the same general colour scheme. Plus there's a new home page layout with space for a scenic Vanguard image I can update occasionally.