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21.JUN.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Project

New web pages have been added for the InfoMap Project. This is a map mod for Vanguard, to display PoI data over the ingame maps.
It will be developed in collaboration with other players, and is currently in the early beta stages.

30.SEP.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced

The long awaited next release of the InfoMap UI Mod is now available, a joint effort by Cobal, Nadger, Soresha and Xndyr.

The v0.2 beta release of InfoMap Advanced has many new features including city maps, rift maps and control over which PoIs are shown. The Basic version also has a new release, and is now stable at v1.0.

28.OCT.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Database and InfoMap Updates

With help from Maraka, the backlog of non-resource PoI data has been cleared! :) As a result, new data updates for the InfoMap UI Mod are now available.

The pages related to the PoI database and downloads have also received some attention.

18.NOV.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced v1.0

The new version of the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod is now available, and includes additional service markers for general goods vendors, ferries, teleporters and flying mount rentals plus some other improvements.

10.DEC.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced v1.1

A new release of the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod, with support for recent UI changes in Vanguard.

16.DEC.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced v1.2

Another new release of the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod, this time including new enhanced terrain maps from Cobal.

17.DEC.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced - Alternative Maps

A set of alternative map images for the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod, in the old style (as before Game Update 3).

05.JAN.2008   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced v1.3

Update for the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod, with improved high resolution city maps for Ahgram, Khal and New Targonor.

11.MAR.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.4 for GU4

A new release of the InfoMap Advanced UI mod for Vanguard:SOH. This version contains updates to reflect the changes to the riftway system in Game Update 4.

26.MAR.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.5

A new version of the InfoMap Advanced UI mod for Vanguard:SOH, released a little earlier than planned to provide support for the additional riftway hub at Tanvu.

Also contains several new features, including city maps for Leth Nurae and Ca'ial Brael, plus a browser window giving access to maps and data layers for all continents at any time.

17.MAY.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.6

This update for the InfoMap UI mod adds a craft information tab to the browser window. The new tab provides a quick reference for attuning catalysts, upgrade recipe requirements and harvesting nodes.

This version also fixes the Ca'ial Brael city map (previously missing from the minimap), and includes the latest data from the database.

11.JUN.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.7

An exciting new version of the InfoMap UI mod with two new features. Interactive maps of the raiding dungeon Ancient Port Warehouse have been added, and a direct link to the full PoI maps on is now available via the ingame web browser.

25.JUN.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.8

An essential update for the InfoMap UI mod, required for the new map functionality contained in the latest patch. Also contains new terrain maps from Cobal and new data layers.

12.AUG.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.9

A new release of the InfoMap Advanced UI mod with additional functionality for viewing any web page from within the game. Also contains new data plus various updates and fixes for the next game patch.

10.SEP.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.10

A new version of the InfoMap UI mod, released for GU6. As well as adding data layers for the Isle of Dawn, there are also two major new features: an option for displaying towns, outposts and dungeons over all four maps, and a map of Nusibe Necropolis.

The alternative maps download has also been updated with a pseudo old style map for the Isle of Dawn, for player who prefer the pre-GU3 style of maps.

23.OCT.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.11

A new release of the InfoMap UI mod with the rift map updated to include the new riftway at the Shores of Darkness.

04.DEC.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.12

An update to the the InfoMap UI mod, providing support for the new fishing and enchantment windows. Also contains updated data layers with PoIs for the Shores of Darkness, and additional information on the APW maps.

12.JAN.2009   InfoMap Advanced v2.0

A major new version of the InfoMap UI mod for Vanguard:SOH, which now uses an offline UI Customizer program to provide more configuration options.

Also contains many new features and improvements, including new data layers for diplomacy and information about each zone, details of civic parleys and buffs, and an improved terrain map for the Isle of Dawn.

14.FEB.2009   Data Improvements for InfoMap

Some improved data layers are now available to download for use with the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod. This includes some corrections to the zone information layers, plus some additional resource and services PoI markers.

There's also a small improvement in accuracy on the services data layer, and some markers that were being omitted have been found again, following the discovery of a little bug in the script. Oops!

22.MAR.2009   InfoMap Advanced v2.1

Another update for the InfoMap UI mod, this time with a reworked riftway window. The full riftway map of Telon enables established players who know the riftways to rift between continents quickly without the need to change window tabs, although the individual continent maps are still there for when you're not quite sure where to go.

Also in this version, the threshold values for the civic levers have been added for the parleys on the civics tabs.

11.JUL.2009   New Data for InfoMap

New data layers are available to download for the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod. These contain additional resource node markers including some of the new tier 6 resources.

NB: Corrupted steelweave on the Shores of Darkness has been moved to the diplomacy data layer, leaving only the normal steelweave on the cloth layer. The key window will be updated to reflect this in the next version of the mod. (Coming soon!)

02.AUG.2009   InfoMap Advanced v2.2

A new version of the InfoMap UI mod, reflecting recent changes ingame. The mod now contains a dungeon map for the Halls of the Pantheon, and details of the civic parley buffs in this area.

There are also various other changes including updates to the resources, services, zone and text data layers, for areas such as the Shores of Darkness and the Bridge of Destiny.

25.JAN.2010   InfoMap Advanced v2.3

New features and improvements for the popular Vanguard UI mod, including further work on the terrain maps and new target PoIs for quest mobs and other locations. Also contains more crafting and harvesting information, with direct links to maps of each resource on each continent.

The PoI Maps web application has also been updated to v3.1, providing the support for the new harvesting maps available ingame via InfoMap.

20.JUL.2010   InfoMap Advanced v2.4

The improvements to the Vanguard map mod continue. The Halls of the Pantheon maps have been finished, and more information has been added to the various data layers. This includes dungeons and outposts, the Magi Hold bosses, and of course more PoIs on the resources and services layers.

The mod's hotbars have also been altered for easier handling in layout mode - no more grabbing them carefully by the edges to move them!

19.AUG.2012   InfoMap Advanced v2.5

With the relaunch of Vanguard as a free-to-play MMORPG, the InfoMap Project has been resurrected too. This new version has fixes for recent UI additions like the marketplace and updates for riftway changes.

This release also includes a new web redirector page providing easy access to useful community sites or any other web page from within the game. Plus improvements to the text data layer, with a dozen new dungeon locations and updates to the names and levels of other dungeons.

11.NOV.2012   InfoMap Advanced v2.6

This release includes two new features: lorestones on the diplomacy/miscellaneous data layer and direct links to maps of individual housing and guild hall plots.

Updates for zones affected by the free-to-play revamp have also been completed with corrections to the data layers. These changes are reflected in the PoI database, and the PoI Maps application has also been updated to v3.2.

27.JAN.2013   InfoMap Advanced v2.7

A minor release for changes to the rift map window, including the new riftway costs. This version also adds details of the Nusibe Necropolis civic buff.

The installation instructions for my various Vanguard UI mods have been updated as well, across the website and the readme files in the downloads. This brings them in line with changes to the game's launcher and installation.

31.MAR.2013   InfoMap Advanced v2.8

This release updates the map mod for recent ingame changes to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Includes locations of new raid bosses, the Lomshir revamp and new riftway, and the City of Brass parleys and civic buffs available.