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12.MAY.2007   Vanguard:SOH Automatic PoI Logging

A service for automatically logging ingame locations and converting your log files to PoI files, for use with the ingame maps.
This idea grew from a Perl script I wrote to parse the log files, and the interest this received on the VGCrafters forum.

I'm calling it the "beta" version for now.
Although I'm confident it works as intended for myself, the real test is how it performs for other players!

27.MAY.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Database

A new PoI download page has been added, allowing players to choose their own selection of PoIs for use ingame.

30.OCT.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Database

Reworking of the PoI logging and database status pages. PoI downloads removed pending further developments.

28.MAY.2008   locCopy Tool for Vanguard:SOH

A little application to copy a set of location coordinates as generated by Vanguard's /loc command. Written six months ago, the locCopy Tool is now available for the community to use.

03.NOV.2008   VG:SOH Screenshot Collection

My Flickr site now has an archive of Vanguard screenshots, collected since the launch of the game. Further images will be added over time as I continue to play.

22.FEB.2010   A Dragon of the Wind

A piece of creative writing set within the Vanguard world of Telon, accompanied by images showing the various ingame locations. This short story was written to provide a backstory for my character.

03.JUL.2010   Vanguard Housing Maps

A set of downloadable housing maps are now available to assist Vanguard players looking to buy a plot after the server merge.

These quick references maps have been generated in the same style as the InfoMap UI mod. They show house and guild hall plot locations on each continent, plus travel points and other services.