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27.OCT.2008   MiniCards Diplomacy UI Mod for VG:SOH

A new UI mod for Vanguard's diplomats which provides an alternative strategy window and a new card library window.

MiniCards is available as an option within the latest version of CoreUI3 (v1.6) or can be manually installed into other full UI mods.

21.DEC.2008   MiniCards v1.1 for VG:SOH

A new release of the MiniCards diplomacy UI mod, containing a new miniature presence window.

05.JUN.2009   MiniCards v1.2

An exciting new version of the MiniCards diplomacy UI mod for Vanguard! This version makes use of the deck management commands recently added to the game. The strategy window now contains banks of buttons to load and save 10 decks of cards, plus a button the clear the deck.

Also finished for this version is a modified parley window which was designed to be more compact and reduce the screen area required. It uses the the same miniature playing cards and completes the set of diplomacy UI windows. The parley window includes some fixes for display issues in the default UI such as centering the dialogue indicator, and shows the full names of the player and their NPC opponent.

27.SEP.2009   MiniCards v1.3

An update to the MiniCards diplomacy UI mod correcting a few minor issues. In particular if the buttons to load/save decks are left open, they now return when reopening the strategy window yet are always hidden during parleys.

06.MAY.2010   MiniCards v1.5

An update for the MiniCards diplomacy UI mod, adding controls for reporting the status of city levers and displaying the parley options on a targeted NPC. Also includes a fix for the last components of the library window not being visible for some players.