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17.NOV.2009   GearSwitcher v0.1

The first beta release of a new UI mod for switching between automatically generated sets of equipment. Includes dedicated sets for the diplomacy stations and custom sets for adventuring and/or other spheres.

22.NOV.2009   GearSwitcher v0.2

A second beta release of this new UI mod for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The UI windows have been reworked to use separate banks of gear buttons, behaving more like hotbars.

Includes a new status window which reports the name of the last set of gear equipped. Switching of the weapons and the ammo slots has also been added for the adventuring sheet.

14.DEC.2009   GearSwitcher v1.0

The first official version of this new tool for Vanguard players, released after a period of beta testing. Coupled with the XML generation service here on my website, this UI mod allows players to record sets of gear from within the game then switch between these sets whilst playing.

Also released to accompany this is a minor update to the MiniCards UI mod, providing integration with GearSwitcher to switch equipment for parleying with the different diplomacy stations.