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Site History for 2006

17.NOV.2006   A Beginning

So far so good. I've got a domain and some hosting, what's missing?
Ah yes, the content. :)

23.NOV.2006   Autumn Colours

A Saturday morning spent wandering through the local park.
Bright November sunshine bouncing off the changing leaves, contrasting against the sky.

Or alternatively, just a collection of pretty piccies. Either way, you can find them here.

02.DEC.2006   Horizons Videos Page

My collection of videos from Horizons: Empire of Istaria.
Some are simple recordings from the game, others involved some serious editing.

30.DEC.2006   Video Player & New Horizons Video

The videos page has been reworked, with thumbnails and a video player now built into the site.
Plus a new video showing a guildie and myself hunting together.