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27.JAN.2007   Vanguard:SOH Maps of the Continents

First version of a locations map for Kojan, the continent where my wood elf lives, with added markers for the places I've been, the resources I've found and the locations I don't want to forget!

15.FEB.2007   Vanguard:SOH Maps with Ingame Markers

My Kojan map is now successfully using the ingame co-ordinate system to display the map markers.

24.FEB.2007   Vanguard:SOH Maps - The Improvements Continue

Thestra and Kojan maps are now available, Qalia to follow soon. Plus a few general improvements.
The markers file is currently updated every few days with new locations.

02.MAR.2007   Vanguard:SOH Maps - New Controls

Better control over which categories of markers to display, plus a search feature! The markers file is growing nicely.
Qalia is still in several pieces on my hard drive...

16.MAR.2007   Vanguard:SOH Maps of the Continents

Version 1 has been reached!

All maps are present and fully functional, and at the moment of writing the location count stands at 538 markers. :)
Visit the Maps Page.

08.APR.2007   Horizons Lairshaping Video

It's finally finished, the lairshaping video I started 6 months ago!
Now available for viewing on my videos page for the MMORPG, Horizons: Empire of Istaria.

I've also taken the step of removing the AVI files for my videos, partly because the built in flash player is a better option but mostly to conserve web space!

12.MAY.2007   Vanguard:SOH Automatic PoI Logging

A service for automatically logging ingame locations and converting your log files to PoI files, for use with the ingame maps.
This idea grew from a Perl script I wrote to parse the log files, and the interest this received on the VGCrafters forum.

I'm calling it the "beta" version for now.
Although I'm confident it works as intended for myself, the real test is how it performs for other players!

27.MAY.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Database

A new PoI download page has been added, allowing players to choose their own selection of PoIs for use ingame.

21.JUN.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Project

New web pages have been added for the InfoMap Project. This is a map mod for Vanguard, to display PoI data over the ingame maps.
It will be developed in collaboration with other players, and is currently in the early beta stages.

22.JUN.2007   A New Home Page

Long overdue I know, but the home page finally gets a face-lift! The new sections are intended to provide better organisation and faster access to specific pages as the site continues to grow.

08.AUG.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Maps of the Continents v2.0

A major revision to the PoI Maps of the Continents including a new layout, Cobal's terrain maps and some improved options.
The maps are now also in use on the PoI Downloads page, to preview the PoI selections.

31.AUG.2007   Vanguard:SOH Server Merges

The merging of the Vanguard servers has brought some changes to the website.

The PoI database now contains plot locations, recorded by players to assist with the land rush to buy plots. These can be seen on v2.1 of the PoI Maps of the Continents'. Also the recording of PoI Loggers has been amended to reflect the new server names.

30.SEP.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced

The long awaited next release of the InfoMap UI Mod is now available, a joint effort by Cobal, Nadger, Soresha and Xndyr.

The v0.2 beta release of InfoMap Advanced has many new features including city maps, rift maps and control over which PoIs are shown. The Basic version also has a new release, and is now stable at v1.0.

06.OCT.2007   Horizons Screenshots

An archive of my screenshots from the MMORPG Horizons: Empire of Istaria, available for viewing as a Flickr Collection.

10.OCT.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Maps v2.2

Lots of new functionality has been added to the PoI Maps, including options for users to display their own custom PoI files and linking a map location from an external source such as a forum post or an email.

28.OCT.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Database and InfoMap Updates

With help from Maraka, the backlog of non-resource PoI data has been cleared! :) As a result, new data updates for the InfoMap UI Mod are now available.

The pages related to the PoI database and downloads have also received some attention.

30.OCT.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Database

Reworking of the PoI logging and database status pages. PoI downloads removed pending further developments.

18.NOV.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced v1.0

The new version of the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod is now available, and includes additional service markers for general goods vendors, ferries, teleporters and flying mount rentals plus some other improvements.

08.DEC.2007   Vanguard:SOH PoI Maps v2.3

New functionality for the PoI Maps, including individual zone maps and Cobal's high resolution maps for some cities.

10.DEC.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced v1.1

A new release of the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod, with support for recent UI changes in Vanguard.

16.DEC.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced v1.2

Another new release of the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod, this time including new enhanced terrain maps from Cobal.

17.DEC.2007   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced - Alternative Maps

A set of alternative map images for the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod, in the old style (as before Game Update 3).