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Site History for 2008

05.JAN.2008   Vanguard:SOH InfoMap Advanced v1.3

Update for the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod, with improved high resolution city maps for Ahgram, Khal and New Targonor.

22.JAN.2008   Vanguard:SOH PoI Maps v2.4

Updated map images and new functionality for the PoI Maps, including options for mob and resource distribution by tier.

01.FEB.2008   Website Improvements

I've improved the handling of website news, leading to a new look site history page. This clears the way for adding an RSS feed to the site, something I know the many InfoMap users out there would like to see. :)

Also some minor updates to the Vanguard PoI Database page as well.

17.FEB.2008   Vanguard:SOH PoI Maps v2.5

Minor improvements to the PoI Maps, including a new option to show roles and/or names of NPCs.

05.MAR.2008   RSS Feed

The website finally gets its RSS feed, which should prove particularly useful for Vanguard players using the InfoMap UI mod. Added a favourites icon too.

11.MAR.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.4 for GU4

A new release of the InfoMap Advanced UI mod for Vanguard:SOH. This version contains updates to reflect the changes to the riftway system in Game Update 4.

26.MAR.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.5

A new version of the InfoMap Advanced UI mod for Vanguard:SOH, released a little earlier than planned to provide support for the additional riftway hub at Tanvu.

Also contains several new features, including city maps for Leth Nurae and Ca'ial Brael, plus a browser window giving access to maps and data layers for all continents at any time.

17.MAY.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.6

This update for the InfoMap UI mod adds a craft information tab to the browser window. The new tab provides a quick reference for attuning catalysts, upgrade recipe requirements and harvesting nodes.

This version also fixes the Ca'ial Brael city map (previously missing from the minimap), and includes the latest data from the database.

28.MAY.2008   locCopy Tool for Vanguard:SOH

A little application to copy a set of location coordinates as generated by Vanguard's /loc command. Written six months ago, the locCopy Tool is now available for the community to use.

11.JUN.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.7

An exciting new version of the InfoMap UI mod with two new features. Interactive maps of the raiding dungeon Ancient Port Warehouse have been added, and a direct link to the full PoI maps on is now available via the ingame web browser.

25.JUN.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.8

An essential update for the InfoMap UI mod, required for the new map functionality contained in the latest patch. Also contains new terrain maps from Cobal and new data layers.

12.AUG.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.9

A new release of the InfoMap Advanced UI mod with additional functionality for viewing any web page from within the game. Also contains new data plus various updates and fixes for the next game patch.

06.SEP.2008   VG:SOH PoI Maps v3.0

A major new release of the dynamic PoI map system on this website, also used from within the InfoMap UI mod.

This version contains new functionality including a direct search option and a reworking of the PoI categories. Also contains new maps for the Isle of Dawn and updated maps for other areas.

10.SEP.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.10

A new version of the InfoMap UI mod, released for GU6. As well as adding data layers for the Isle of Dawn, there are also two major new features: an option for displaying towns, outposts and dungeons over all four maps, and a map of Nusibe Necropolis.

The alternative maps download has also been updated with a pseudo old style map for the Isle of Dawn, for player who prefer the pre-GU3 style of maps.

23.OCT.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.11

A new release of the InfoMap UI mod with the rift map updated to include the new riftway at the Shores of Darkness.

27.OCT.2008   MiniCards Diplomacy UI Mod for VG:SOH

A new UI mod for Vanguard's diplomats which provides an alternative strategy window and a new card library window.

MiniCards is available as an option within the latest version of CoreUI3 (v1.6) or can be manually installed into other full UI mods.

03.NOV.2008   VG:SOH Screenshot Collection

My Flickr site now has an archive of Vanguard screenshots, collected since the launch of the game. Further images will be added over time as I continue to play.

04.DEC.2008   InfoMap Advanced v1.12

An update to the the InfoMap UI mod, providing support for the new fishing and enchantment windows. Also contains updated data layers with PoIs for the Shores of Darkness, and additional information on the APW maps.

21.DEC.2008   MiniCards v1.1 for VG:SOH

A new release of the MiniCards diplomacy UI mod, containing a new miniature presence window.