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12.JAN.2009   InfoMap Advanced v2.0

A major new version of the InfoMap UI mod for Vanguard:SOH, which now uses an offline UI Customizer program to provide more configuration options.

Also contains many new features and improvements, including new data layers for diplomacy and information about each zone, details of civic parleys and buffs, and an improved terrain map for the Isle of Dawn.

14.FEB.2009   Data Improvements for InfoMap

Some improved data layers are now available to download for use with the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod. This includes some corrections to the zone information layers, plus some additional resource and services PoI markers.

There's also a small improvement in accuracy on the services data layer, and some markers that were being omitted have been found again, following the discovery of a little bug in the script. Oops!

02.MAR.2009   Website Revamp

Yes it's true, I've managed to drag myself away from my various projects long enough to improve the website! The page framework has been given a new look whilst retaining the same general colour scheme. Plus there's a new home page layout with space for a scenic Vanguard image I can update occasionally.

22.MAR.2009   InfoMap Advanced v2.1

Another update for the InfoMap UI mod, this time with a reworked riftway window. The full riftway map of Telon enables established players who know the riftways to rift between continents quickly without the need to change window tabs, although the individual continent maps are still there for when you're not quite sure where to go.

Also in this version, the threshold values for the civic levers have been added for the parleys on the civics tabs.

05.JUN.2009   MiniCards v1.2

An exciting new version of the MiniCards diplomacy UI mod for Vanguard! This version makes use of the deck management commands recently added to the game. The strategy window now contains banks of buttons to load and save 10 decks of cards, plus a button the clear the deck.

Also finished for this version is a modified parley window which was designed to be more compact and reduce the screen area required. It uses the the same miniature playing cards and completes the set of diplomacy UI windows. The parley window includes some fixes for display issues in the default UI such as centering the dialogue indicator, and shows the full names of the player and their NPC opponent.

11.JUL.2009   New Data for InfoMap

New data layers are available to download for the InfoMap Advanced UI Mod. These contain additional resource node markers including some of the new tier 6 resources.

NB: Corrupted steelweave on the Shores of Darkness has been moved to the diplomacy data layer, leaving only the normal steelweave on the cloth layer. The key window will be updated to reflect this in the next version of the mod. (Coming soon!)

02.AUG.2009   InfoMap Advanced v2.2

A new version of the InfoMap UI mod, reflecting recent changes ingame. The mod now contains a dungeon map for the Halls of the Pantheon, and details of the civic parley buffs in this area.

There are also various other changes including updates to the resources, services, zone and text data layers, for areas such as the Shores of Darkness and the Bridge of Destiny.

27.SEP.2009   MiniCards v1.3

An update to the MiniCards diplomacy UI mod correcting a few minor issues. In particular if the buttons to load/save decks are left open, they now return when reopening the strategy window yet are always hidden during parleys.

17.NOV.2009   GearSwitcher v0.1

The first beta release of a new UI mod for switching between automatically generated sets of equipment. Includes dedicated sets for the diplomacy stations and custom sets for adventuring and/or other spheres.

22.NOV.2009   GearSwitcher v0.2

A second beta release of this new UI mod for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The UI windows have been reworked to use separate banks of gear buttons, behaving more like hotbars.

Includes a new status window which reports the name of the last set of gear equipped. Switching of the weapons and the ammo slots has also been added for the adventuring sheet.

14.DEC.2009   GearSwitcher v1.0

The first official version of this new tool for Vanguard players, released after a period of beta testing. Coupled with the XML generation service here on my website, this UI mod allows players to record sets of gear from within the game then switch between these sets whilst playing.

Also released to accompany this is a minor update to the MiniCards UI mod, providing integration with GearSwitcher to switch equipment for parleying with the different diplomacy stations.