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Site History for 2010

25.JAN.2010   InfoMap Advanced v2.3

New features and improvements for the popular Vanguard UI mod, including further work on the terrain maps and new target PoIs for quest mobs and other locations. Also contains more crafting and harvesting information, with direct links to maps of each resource on each continent.

The PoI Maps web application has also been updated to v3.1, providing the support for the new harvesting maps available ingame via InfoMap.

22.FEB.2010   A Dragon of the Wind

A piece of creative writing set within the Vanguard world of Telon, accompanied by images showing the various ingame locations. This short story was written to provide a backstory for my character.

06.MAY.2010   MiniCards v1.5

An update for the MiniCards diplomacy UI mod, adding controls for reporting the status of city levers and displaying the parley options on a targeted NPC. Also includes a fix for the last components of the library window not being visible for some players.

03.JUL.2010   Vanguard Housing Maps

A set of downloadable housing maps are now available to assist Vanguard players looking to buy a plot after the server merge.

These quick references maps have been generated in the same style as the InfoMap UI mod. They show house and guild hall plot locations on each continent, plus travel points and other services.

20.JUL.2010   InfoMap Advanced v2.4

The improvements to the Vanguard map mod continue. The Halls of the Pantheon maps have been finished, and more information has been added to the various data layers. This includes dungeons and outposts, the Magi Hold bosses, and of course more PoIs on the resources and services layers.

The mod's hotbars have also been altered for easier handling in layout mode - no more grabbing them carefully by the edges to move them!