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19.AUG.2012   InfoMap Advanced v2.5

With the relaunch of Vanguard as a free-to-play MMORPG, the InfoMap Project has been resurrected too. This new version has fixes for recent UI additions like the marketplace and updates for riftway changes.

This release also includes a new web redirector page providing easy access to useful community sites or any other web page from within the game. Plus improvements to the text data layer, with a dozen new dungeon locations and updates to the names and levels of other dungeons.

07.OCT.2012   Safe Haven Raid Report

A simple report of EverQuest II character data, showing raid readiness for the Safe Haven guild on Antonia Bayle server. This was built using SOE's data feed API.

11.NOV.2012   InfoMap Advanced v2.6

This release includes two new features: lorestones on the diplomacy/miscellaneous data layer and direct links to maps of individual housing and guild hall plots.

Updates for zones affected by the free-to-play revamp have also been completed with corrections to the data layers. These changes are reflected in the PoI database, and the PoI Maps application has also been updated to v3.2.