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27.JAN.2013   InfoMap Advanced v2.7

A minor release for changes to the rift map window, including the new riftway costs. This version also adds details of the Nusibe Necropolis civic buff.

The installation instructions for my various Vanguard UI mods have been updated as well, across the website and the readme files in the downloads. This brings them in line with changes to the game's launcher and installation.

02.FEB.2013   Aranel's Journal

A new web application for reading and searching through my write-ups from our weekly D&D campaign. The story can be read normally, or you could jump straight into the encounter with a black dragon with the keyword search.

07.MAR.2013   NPC Search Tool for EverQuest II

A new search tool for NPCs and mobs/bosses built using the SOE data feeds. The report gives general and combat data, spawn points and dropped items.

31.MAR.2013   InfoMap Advanced v2.8

This release updates the map mod for recent ingame changes to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Includes locations of new raid bosses, the Lomshir revamp and new riftway, and the City of Brass parleys and civic buffs available.