EQ2 Data - Safe Haven Gear Level

This report pulls level 95 characters from the Safe Haven guild. It mimics the concept of "item level" in other games by reporting the stamina value on items in each slot, as well as giving an average value.

NB: Some fighter gear has a higher stamina than strength value. In these cases the strength value is used as it matches the stat value on equivalent items for other archtypes.

The report is intended to help with gearing up raiding characters, providing a quick overview of where upgrades are most needed.

Blue is equivalent to our best current raid drops, i.e. what we're aiming for. Green is fine but looking for an upgrade. Yellow means you're under-geared for our current raiding. And if your stats are zero, you probably need to put some clothes on.

Current Requirements

The stat levels for raid gear are:

Character Data

NB: This report is unavoidably SLOW to pull the data as it must resolve against all items on each character.

It is recommended you pull the report once and just leave the page open in your browser during a raid. Once you have the page loaded you can apply and remove any sorting or filtering options instantly, to narrow down by archetype, etc.

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