locCopy for EverQuest II

"So that I never have to type out coordinates in EQII either!"

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locCopy is a small application that copies a set of ingame location coordinates generated in EverQuest II to the Windows clipboard.

It is an adaption of my original Vanguard application, to assist with activities like testing new game content or writing quest guides.


This tool enables players to quickly copy a set of location coordinates as generated by EverQuest II's /loc command. The coordinates can then be pasted (using Control-V) into the game's chat windows, or any other Windows application such as a forum post, an email or text document.

The application window is very small, and will stay on top of the EQII game window. It will initially appear in the top left corner of the screen but can be repositioned wherever is convenient. The program is intended for use when running the game in windowed mode, and is not suitable for use when playing full-screen.

A hotkey is used to write your current location to a log file. After clicking the hotkey to record a location, moving the mouse pointer over the locCopy window then triggers the application to read the log file and copy the location's coordinates to the clipboard. The log file is then deleted, however the coordinates are retained in the application window until the next log file is read (so they can be copied again manually if required).

locCopy In Use

The locCopy Application in use with EverQuest II
The locCopy Application in use with EverQuest II


The application is provided in a zip file, which includes a readme file containing the setup instructions.

EQII_locCopy.zip (27KB)


  1. Copy the locCopy.exe program into the EverQuest II "logs" directory, e.g.:

    C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II\logs

    Run the application from within the "logs" directory. You may wish to set up a shortcut for convenience.

    For the Test and TestCopy servers, the application will automatically work there as well if your test installation is in the default location, e.g.:

    C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II\TestServer

    However a beta or test installation in another location will need another copy of the locCopy.exe program placed into that "logs" directory to use.

  2. Check whether you have chat text logging turned on or off. Look under:

    Options ⇒ User Interface ⇒ Chat Window ⇒ Log Chat Text
  3. If you have logging turned OFF in your game options, create a macro ingame to perform the following commands:

    /log loc

    This will create a log file called "loc.txt" containing your current location.

  4. If you have logging turned ON in your game options, create a macro ingame to perform the following commands:

    /log loc

    This will stop the game writing to your default log file (i.e. under your current character name), create a new log file called "loc.txt" containing your current location, and then restart the default logging again.

    If you are writing to non-standard log files, you can modify the last command to restart your own log file instead.


    This is a simple tool written to perform a specific task, as such it has no extra features. The application has been tested with EverQuest II under Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit.

    It is reasonably robust, but will only work correctly when used as intended. It is important that the ingame macro opens, writes to and closes each "loc.txt" file as a single action. If the logging becomes out of sync with the use of the application (i.e. the game is still holding the log file open when you trigger the locCopy window) the application will not work.