GearSwitcher - Progress

To Do List

No further plans at the moment, beyond essential updates for any changes to Vangaurd's UI.


27 Jan 2013

v1.0b of GearSwitcher

Re-release with changes to the installation instructions in the readme.txt file, allowing for the new Vanguard patcher.

No functional changes to the UI mod.

14 Dec 2009

v1.0 of GearSwitcher

NB: Only the generation of the gear XML files has changed from v0.2, the core XML file has not changed.

  • Buttons will now switch items between adventuring and appearance slots.
  • Any items present in slots you leave empty when recording the log file will now be removed (if that equipment sheet has been included). However this relies on a recent fix made to the /remove command, which at this time is still only available on the Test server. This functionality will start working within GearSwitcher once this fix has been patched to the live servers.
22 Nov 2009

Beta release v0.2.

NB: XML files generated under v0.1 will not work with v0.2 and must be re-created.

  • Gear buttons made smaller and placed in minimal UI windows suitable for leaving open. Separate UI components for the banks of station and custom buttons gives more arrangement possibilities and more suitable if one type is not used at all.
  • Usage information and control buttons placed together in another, full UI window.
  • Hotbar created with buttons for opening/closing the gear button windows and the main UI window.
  • New status window created which reports the name of the last set of gear equipped. Can be toggled on/off from the main UI window.
  • Added switching of the primary, secondary and ranged weapon slots plus ammo slot for the adventuring sheet.
  • Added a check into the log file parsing to catch empty or bad files.
17 Nov 2009

Beta release v0.1.

  • First version of the GearSwitcher mod with UI window, free-floating button and web page for producing the custom XML files.