GearSwitcher - Installation and Usage

Installation of GearSwitcher

Please note that GearSwitcher is not a full UI mod. It is a collection of XML files that can be installed into any other UI mod to add further functionality. Assuming you already have another UI mod installed, you can add the GearSwitcher UI mod to it by completing the steps given below.

  1. Download the latest version of the mod from here. (3KB)

  2. Find the directory for your Vanguard installation. This may be in a location similar to these examples:
    C:\Program Files\Vanguard
    C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\Vanguard
  3. Copy the entire GearSwitcher directory from the zip file into the top level directory for your UI mod at:
  4. Make sure your installation has a directory for chat log files. This should be a "logs" directory under your main "Vanguard" directory. If the directory is missing, create one at this location, i.e.:
  5. Find the Index.xml file for your UI mod at:
  6. Add the following lines to the bottom of your Index.xml file, just above the final </XML> line.
    <GameplayWindows directory="GearSwitcher">
          <Window filename="GearSwitcher.xml" />

Alternatively, this mod is also available as an option with the InfoMap UI mod.


The zip file only contains the core XML file for the UI mod. You must now create the XML files for your characters and the sets of gear you wish to use. Go to the Generate XML Files page to do this.

Usage Notes