Horizons Videos

A collection of videos from the MMORPG Horizons: Empire of Istaria. Some of my videos are also available on YouTube, but unfortunately the compression they apply wrecks the quality. So watch the high quality versions here instead. :)

Videos by Soresha


Blizzard Crags, A Dragon's Lair

A portrayal of lairshaping, an activity which kept dragon players like myself busy for many hours. Oh we loved our lairs! The video also shows a few of the resource locations around Istaria.

Most of the footage was taken during the construction of the tier 4 hall in my dragon's lair. Credit for the map details goes to Cobal and his map pack. All the music is from the game itself, and I've matched the soundtrack to the ingame locations where possible.

Look out for guest appearances by Beleenda, Keomen and my own little kitten, Janesh.

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Hunting on Elnath

An evening spent hunting the Withered Aegis on Elnath, the largest of the Satyr Isles. Playing and filming at the same time isn't easy, so many thanks to my guildie, Monkee, for his patience!

Filming an ancient dragon and a saris side by side isn't easy either; a dragoness like myself tends to dwarf even the tallest of bipeds. The best technique I found was to swing the camera 180° or so, which places the little one in the foreground and your own scaly self in the background.

The video was pieced together from the clips I recorded, with the top and bottom trimmed off to remove the minimal interface I was using at the time. The soundtrack was compiled from the combat sound effects recorded with the video clips, the environment music heard on the Satyr Isles and typical combat music from within the game.

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Flight Over New Trismus

A dragon's eye view of the starting island, New Trismus. The video was recorded as a single take, although it took a few attempts to find a good flight path. The soundtrack was pieced together from music typically heard on the island when playing the game.

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Recordings from Horizons


Fafnir the Defiler

The big green blight hound - slain (but only just!) by Beleenda, Eisdrache, Hephestus, Kedon, LevomLesur, Maurice_wind, Rubine, Ssajit, Soresha and Xanthe.

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Valkie falls again, this time taken down by Beleenda, Durax, Hephestus, Kedon, LevomLesur, Maurice_wind and Ssajit.

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Flying Through a Dragon's Lair

A short clip showing my dragon flying through the rooms in her lair.

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