InfoMap - Progress

To Do List

No further plans at the moment, beyond essential updates for any changes to the default UI or game content.


31 Mar 2013

v2.8 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Rift map window updated for new Lomshir riftway and renaming of Wardship of the Sleeping Moon riftway.
  • Civics tabs updated with details of the new City of Brass buffs and corrected some minor typos.
  • Services data layer updated for the Lomshir Riftway, Northern Stonepine Ridge Bind Stone, Isle of Dawn Flight Master and new altar in Dragon's Maw.
  • Diplomacy/miscellanous layer updated with additional and re-located raid bosses: Imperial Devastator War Golem, Sparkles The Stranded, Initiate Nenly, Arachnidon Sunshine, Tharridon The Mighty, Fengrot Foulbreath, Alagan The Dragon Slayer and Guar.
  • Text layer for Qalia updated with City of Brass.
  • Zone layer for Qalia updated for mob level ranges in Lomshir, Lomshir Plains and Hag's Coastline zones.
27 Jan 2013

v2.7 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Updated rift map window for level of Kamelott Landing and changes to riftway costs.
  • Added details of the Nusibe Necropolis civic buff to the third civics tab.
11 Nov 2012

v2.6 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Added Lorestones to the diplomacy/miscellaneous data layer.
  • Added links on the Harvest tab to load full housing plot maps in the ingame browser window.
  • Added Misthaven Mines to outposts/dungeons text layer.
  • Updated Hathor Zhi and Temple of Dailuk riftways (now blue) in Rift Map window and on the Qalia services data layer.
  • Updated zone information layers for mob level ranges and harvesting tiers affected by the revamp.
  • Updated harvesting data layers for Thestra, Qalian and Kojan.
  • Fixed the link on the web re-director page for the new official forums location.
19 Aug 2012

v2.5 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Rift map window updated for the changes to the Veskal's Exchange, Kaon's Rush, Misthaven Crossing and Silverlake riftways and fixed the Dead Bog riftway buttons.
  • Thestra services data layer updated for the changes to Veskal's Exchange, Kaon's Rush, Misthaven Crossing and Silverlake riftways.
  • Text layer updated with additional dungeon locations and changes to some dungeon names and levels. Also evened out the background brightness on some of the text.
  • Added references to the new default UI windows for the standalone version (VGUIInfoMessage.xml, VGUIAuctionWnd.xml, VGUIBuildingNPCs.xml, VGUIAlternateAdvancementWnd.xml, VGUICommerceWnd.xml, VGParts05.xml and VGParts06.xml).
  • Updated both the main map and mini map to use the new MapWindow component type. You can now zoom in/out using the mouse scroll wheel over these windows, as per the default UI.
  • Turned off the feature for automatic selection of harvesting layers from the mini map by default. It can however be turned back on via the UICustomizer tool.
  • Created a new, replacement redirector web page on linked to the free-floating redirector button in InfoMap. This provides easy access to useful fan sites or any other web page from within the game.
20 Jul 2010

v2.4 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Halls of the Pantheon maps finished, with details added for the Vaults of Shadows/Radiance and the Chamber of Life.
  • Text layer updated with additional dungeons and outposts.
  • Diplomacy/miscellanous layer updated with additional target PoIs, including locations for the Magi Hold bosses.
  • Data layers updated with more resources and services.
  • Hotbars now appear as solid grey blocks in layout mode. Although you can no longer see the buttons in layout mode, this makes positioning the hotbars much easier.
25 Jan 2010

v2.3 of InfoMap Advanced

  • New index page added as the first tab in the browser window to help players find all the content provided by the mod.
  • Improvements to the terrain maps for Shores of Darkness zones, Fallen Cove, NT (island), Thestran swamps (Ruin Falls, Vsurog Moor, Swamps of Rumug), Strand of the Ancients (Pantheon) and Skrilien Point (tower island).
  • Riftway maps updated to use the new terrain maps.
  • Selected named mobs and other quest locations added to the diplomacy/miscellaneous data layer as target PoIs with text labels. Includes griffon nests, SoD named mobs, Psi Gestalts, prestige titles, Pantheon pages, t3 quests, god warriors, overland raid bosses, placeholders for Nerksawl, Torkald, and more. Route for the griffon race in Spire's Keep also added to this layer.
  • New tab added to the browser window giving details of harvesting node names and resource types. Also provides direct links to the PoI Maps application on, to quickly see the locations for each resource on each continent.
  • Recipe details for spell components and enchantment socketing added to the crafting information tab in the browser window.
  • Minor corrections to the details of a couple of the civic buffs.
  • New harvesting tab added to the options for the UI Customizer.
02 Aug 2009

v2.2 of InfoMap Advanced

  • New map for Halls of the Pantheon added to the browser window, split into the lower and upper halls. Shows locations for the deities, bosses, treasure chests and some NPCs. NB: Unlike the APW and NN maps there is no zoom functionality, the map simply toggles between the lower and upper halls. Details for the vaults and the area with the Sisters will be added in a future version of InfoMap.
  • 3rd civics tab added with details of civic buffs for Halls of the Pantheon. Also updated description for "Cheer the People" and added descriptions for Isle of Dawn academic civics.
  • Resource data layers have been updated. The corrupted steelweave in the SoD zones has been moved off the cloth data laye and onto the diplomacy data layer (like the spores in the Vol Tuniel zones). The normal cloth data layer now only contains the normal steelweave nodes in SoD. The metal data layer still contains the mysterious metal veins in SoD (since these drop the usual normal/rare/ultra-rare t6 metal).
  • Services data layers updated with new altars, etc.
  • Zone information layers updated with resource and mob level changes.
  • Text layers updated with the more recent adventuring areas and outposts.
  • Key window updated for changes to Shores of Darkness resources.
  • Minor XML changes throughout to meet the schema - no visible changes from this, but it now validates correctly (with a couple of necessary, high level exceptions).
  • Added options to the UICustomizer program for disabling the new tabs in the browser window.
22 Mar 2009

v2.1 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Riftway window resized to better suit widescreen monitors, with the height reduced sufficiently for smaller screens, e.g. 15" with 1280 x 800 resolution.
  • New default riftway window tab providing quicker access to all the riftways in Telon, plus the key. The separate riftway window tabs have been retained for Thestra, Qalia and Kojan, which provide larger maps and the full riftway names.
  • Updated riftway maps using the latest terrain maps, with the different continents now given at the same scales.
  • Added city map graphics to the terrain maps. This improves the basic maps if the city maps are disabled.
  • Added thresholds for the civic levers to the dipomacy tabs in the browser window.
  • Moved "Cheer the People" to the civic section for general city/outpost parleys.
  • Corrected a typo in the full mod readme file.
14 Feb 2009

Bug fix for the data layers script, correcting some omissions from the services layer caused when removing duplicate PoI markers in close proximity to each other.

12 Jan 2009

v2.0 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Addition of the UICustomizer program, with offline options for disabling the hotbars, web redirector button, mini map window buttons, automatic selection of resource layers, city maps, APW maps, NN maps, craft information and civic information. Also allows setting of the default information and resource layers.
  • New diplomacy data layer with all types of informants, bartenders, regional traders (sellers), diplomacy instructors, lamplighter lapidarians and prestigous altars.
  • PoIs for the spores (clickable mushrooms) in the Ruins of Vol Tuniel (zones -23,23 and -23,24) added on the diplomacy data layer.
  • New zone data layer with zone name and coordinates, harvesting resource tiers, mob level range and housing areas (plot purchase prices).
  • New Isle of Dawn terrain map, with details for the roads and the temple added.
  • Two new Civic Information tabs in the browser window, giving details of the parleys and resulting diplomacy buffs in each area.
  • Teleporters added to the services data layer. This includes both NPCs and portal-like objects that teleport players to different locations.
  • The key window has been reworked to be smaller and more compact, using tabs for services, diplomacy, resources and the zone layers.
  • The data layers hotbar has been split into two separate hotbars, for information layers and resource layers.
  • The options and credits information has moved to the browser window. The separate window previously used for these has been removed.
  • Ingame options have been reduced to only the hotbars and buttons - these have been left ingame so that you may toggle them on/off for different characters or UI layouts if you wish. All other options have been moved offline and can be found in the UI Customizer.
  • Correction to Siliusaurus' position on the APW Lower Entrance map.
  • Minor reformatting of the Craft Information tab, to match other pages in the browser window.
  • Added instructions for the UI Customizer program to the readme files for both InfoMap and the alternative, old-style maps.
04 Dec 2008

v1.12 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Updated the index file for the new fishing and attachments windows.
  • Updated all data layers with the latest data from the database, including PoIs for the Shores of Darkness.
  • Added further information to the APW maps.
  • Corrected typo in the riftway window.
24 Oct 2008

v1.11b of InfoMap Advanced

  • Correction to non-standard directory name within the zip file, which caused confusion for some users of InfoMap with the default UI.
23 Oct 2008

v1.11 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Updated the rift map to include the new riftway at the Shores of Darkness.
10 Sep 2008

v1.10 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Updated terrain maps for Thestra, Qalia and Kojan including improvements for Sorrow's Heart and Thelaseen.
  • Added text layers showing names and locations for towns, outposts and dungeons. These can be toggled on/off from the map and hotbar buttons just like the data layers.
  • Added services and resource data layers for the Isle of Dawn map.
  • Updated data layers for Thestra, Qalia and Kojan with the latest data from the database. Higher tier resource nodes removed from Southwatch as per the latest patch.
  • Added map of Nusibe Necropolis to the map browser window, with locations for boss mobs and other items.
  • Added missing details about APW drops and harvestables.
  • Adjusted some colours for the buttons and background highlights for the APW map.
  • Sharpened the map and button images for the full APW map.
  • Added instructions for using the dungeon maps.
  • Updated the graphic for the stone resources button to match the marker colour and corrected the colour in the key window.
  • Altered the mini map to be fully movable and resizeable, independently of layout mode. This improves the moving/resizing behaviour when using the optional window buttons on mini map.
  • Updated the index file for the recent patch (removed the SettingsCustomWindows.xml file).
  • Updated the text for Celestine Ward in the riftway window (as per the change to the default UI).
  • Adjusted the background of the craft information tab.
  • Moved all component windows into separate files. Anyone wishing to remove windows from the InfoMap UI mod will now find this easier to do from within the VGUIMap.xml and VGUIMiniMap.xml files.
  • Added a troubleshooting section to the readme file.
12 Aug 2008

v1.9 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Added an optional, free-floating button that will open the web browser window at the VGBrowser/Redirector page maintained by Techywarrior (as seen in CoreUI3). The button can be moved in layout mode. This feature was requested to allow players using InfoMap as their only UI mod to reach any web page from within the game. Users of "full" UI mods which already have more substantial modifications to the web browser window may wish to turn off this extra button, this can be done from within InfoMap's options/credits window.
  • Amended the Isle of Dawn map to always be available for viewing in the main map window. For now this is the default map with no extra information provided. Further modifications for the Isle of Dawn will be added in the next version, after the trial island is live.
  • Some improvements to the APW maps. Further mobs have been added to the Lower Basement map and the position for Blink corrected on the Lower Library map. Thanks to Biki on Halgar and Maraka on Xeth for providing the information.
  • Removed the continent maps from the browser window.
  • Fixed the show/hide options for the hotbars to work without the /showwindow family of commands.
  • Consolidated the textures into a single TGA file for a lower graphics load.
  • Updated the data layers with the latest information from the database.
25 Jun 2008

v1.8 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Main map window re-coded to use the new map controls ingame. Maps for all continents are available with the normal game markers visible (quest, etc.) Clicking on the game markers will also set the active waypoint. Maps can be dragged to scroll them. Zoom controls are now double left click to zoom in, right click to zoom out. A single left click is supposed to reposition the map but this is currently bugged. SOE need to fix it.
  • Minimap zoom controls changed to match the main map window, double left click to zoom in, right click to zoom out.
  • Continent maps have been reordered in the riftway window and browser window to match the main map window, ie Thestra, Qalia, Kojan.
  • New terrain maps from Cobal with further improvements.
  • New data layers.
  • Updated the mod to be compatible with the Trial Island in the future.
11 Jun 2008

v1.7 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Interactive maps of the Ancient Port Warehouse raiding dungeon added to the map browser window.
  • Hotbar split into a bar for the layer buttons and another for the window buttons. Each can be toggled on/off separately from the options window.
  • New window button which loads the web-based map system on within the web browser window. This provides direct access to the full PoI database for looking up NPCs, mobs and other information.
  • New button in the credits window to view within the web browser window.
17 May 2008

v1.6 of InfoMap Advanced

  • New tab added to the browser window containing essential craft information.
  • Fixed the bug with the Ca'ial Brael city map not showing on the mini map.
26 Mar 2008

v1.5 of InfoMap Advanced

  • Riftway window and services data layer updated for the new Tanvu riftway hub.
  • New map browser window, shows all the continent maps and zooms in on sections of the maps.
  • Hotbar expanded to include buttons for riftway, browser and key windows. This is still optional and may be turned off.
  • Three buttons on the mini map to open the other map windows, these are now optional and may be turned off.
  • Text showing current chunk on mini map reformatted to show as much of the text as possible (small mini maps may still cut the text short however).
  • Narrower border on mini map.
  • Minimap is now only movable/resizable in layout mode (due to the buttons being optional).
  • New city maps for Leth Nurae and Ca'ial Brael. Improvements to city map for Khal.
  • Further improvements to the terrain maps for all continents, particularly Tehatamani and Rhaz Inkur areas.
  • Option to turn city maps off, although this setting does not save when the UI is reloaded (may be useful for people wishing to use alternative map images).
  • General tidying up and standardising of appearance of windows and buttons.
11 Mar 2008

v1.4 of InfoMap Advanced for Game Update 4.

  • Replaced InfoMap's original rift map window with a modified version of the new riftway game window. The rift map buttons on the main map and mini map now open this riftway window.
  • Used Cobal's terrain maps as the background for the riftway window.
  • City and Terrain map images modified to compensate for errors seen with JPEG files. This has removed the lines seen at edges of city map tiles and minimised the lines on the terrain maps as far as possible.
  • New markers for the riftways, and marker for stone resources changed to a brighter blue to stand out better.
  • Key and About windows updated.
  • New watermark text for terrain maps and rift maps.
  • Tidied up various parts of the XML code and directory names. Moved the textures file out of data layers directory to simplify updating the data layers.
  • Services layer updated with the new riftway and flight master locations. Teleporters have been removed
    (no longer ingame).
  • Excluded the centres of Ahgram and New Targonor from the averaging of markers for the services layer. Whilst the algorithm generally increases the visibility of markers, it did not work well with the large number of service PoIs inside these cities.

Several fixes were also made to the riftway map window on the Test server, which were passed on to SOE for use in the default UI as well.

  • Repositioned text and reduced the mouseover area on the buttons, to prevent errors when selecting a riftway.
  • Riftway window is now automatically closed when a destination is selected.
  • Removed overlap from the maps covering the window tabs and their text.
  • Tidied up the legend components and removed mouseover highlight effect from legend icons.
05 Jan 2008

v1.3 of InfoMap Advanced.

  • Improved high resolution city maps for Ahgram, Khal and New Targonor which now match the enhanced terrain maps added in v1.2.
17 Dec 2007

Alternative Maps for InfoMap Advanced.

  • Alternative old-style maps as before Game Update 3. Updated to show the six new housing islands and the terrain around the Ancient Port Warehouse.
16 Dec 2007

v1.2 of InfoMap Advanced.

  • New enhanced terrain maps from Cobal, based on the default game maps from Game Update 3. The maps now show additional roads and the six new housing islands.
13 Dec 2007

v1.1b of InfoMap Advanced.

  • Fixed for additional new windows when used as a standalone mod.
10 Dec 2007

v1.1 of InfoMap Advanced.

  • The standalone version now supports the new raid and claim windows. (Users installing InfoMap Advanced into another UI mod should ensure their UIs also support these windows.)
  • Fixed the group markers, with support added for raid groups.
  • Minor improvements to button graphics and layout.
18 Nov 2007

v1.0 of InfoMap Advanced.

  • New markers added to the services layer for general goods vendors, ferries, teleporters and flying mount rentals.
  • New algorithm to generate the service data layers. Where several services exist close together the marker positions are adjusted so that all markers can be seen clearly. However since visibility is now favoured over precise accuracy, please note that where several service markers are clustered together the positions may no longer indicate the exact locations.
  • Key window amended to include new markers and the spelling errors have been corrected.
  • Button for rift maps added to the mini map.
  • Includes support for displaying the new raid party markers on the maps.

As of this release, InfoMap Basic is no longer supported. The download shall however remain available until such time as the mod conflicts with future UI changes made by SOE.

30 Sep 2007

Beta release v0.2 of InfoMap Advanced.

  • Higher resolution city maps for New Targonor, Ahgram and Khal.
  • Rift maps in a separate window.
  • 5 data layers which can be toggled on/off, for services, metal, stone, cloth and wood PoIs.
  • Positioning of PoIs markers on data layers is now as accurate as possible in all chunks at the current resolution.
  • Map and data images optimized, with low memory footprint for better performance.
  • Separate window for the key.
  • Controls on main map window for the data layers and the key window, plus buttons to open the rift map and InfoMap windows.
  • Resizable mini map, with functionality to zoom in/out by left/right clicking over the map and button to open key window.
  • Optional toolbar with buttons to toggle the data layers, toolbar toggle button located on the InfoMap window (opened from the main map).
  • Initial selection of resource types according to character's harvesting skills, triggered by moving the mouse over the mini map after logging in.
  • Smaller icons for ingame and CustomPoIName.txt file PoI markers and gold pointer/cursor.

v1.0 of InfoMap Basic.

  • Corrected for Game Update 2 and the new raid UI.
  • Map images optimized, now with smaller memory footprint for better performance.
02 Sep 2007

Beta release v0.5, using new calculations to position the marker dots more accurately.

13 Aug 2007

InfoMap Advanced v0.1 available to try out as a test version.

26 Jul 2007

Introduction of separate downloads to update the map images.

17 Jul 2007

Beta release v0.4.

  • Added key to each map, showing the markers used. This can be seen in the main map window by zooming out until the whole map can be seen.
  • Further minor adjustments to marker positions in some chunks to improve accuracy.
  • Includes all resource data up to 17 Jul 2007 (2154 PoIs), plus some new service locations.

Also modified the method of producing images to generate transparent overlays. This is working successfully, although still only a semi-automated process.

07 Jul 2007

Beta release v0.3.

  • Background images updated to use Cobal's latest maps (v0.6), including the Qalia river valley.
  • Minor adjustments to marker positions in some chunks to improve accuracy.
  • Includes all resource data up to 06 Jul 2007 (1895 PoIs) and some new altar and bind stone locations.

Also investigated the lines seen on the maps ingame (where the image tiles meet), but determined these are not caused by the mod but by game itself. (The same effect can be seen on the standard Vanguard maps.)

26 Jun 2007

Beta release v0.2.

  • Now using Cobal's maps for the background images.
  • Now includes altars, bind stones, riftway stones, bankers, exchange brokers and mailboxes in addition to the resource node locations.
  • Image files are now smaller, .dss files.
12 Jun 2007

First beta release of Infomap v0.1, using default ingame maps as the background images.