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Greta Fallwind was the new priestess for Highdale. A native Traladaran from the Kelvin area. Pleased to see she was dressed practically for the journey.

Highdale was twenty miles north of Threshold. Greta wanted to hurry. We pushed hard and made it in two days. The church had been dug down to its foundations. A passage had been exposed, leading to a door. Four men warily keeping watch nearby, talked of a foul creature appearing.

Found the major, man named Holgner Half-hammer. When he saw Kal with us, recognised us as the saviours of Threshold. Offered us a thousand gold for our help. Told us the workmen who'd opened the ancient door in the church foundations had been killed by a blast of fire. Flayed victims had turned up at the door every night since. Old stories said the town had been built on a doorway to evil.

Eli asked around town. Some witnesses talked of flying figures cloaked in symbols seen leaving the church area. Greta helped examine the town records, was supposedly a vault of prophecies under the church.

Headed out of the vaults. Emerged to find the trench covered. Villagers had set a trap. Someone shouted quickly not to set it off over our heads.

Spoke to the priestess and the village major. Both were very grateful. There were celebrations in our honour. Lots of food. Kal ate a whole goat.

Greta wrote us a letter to take to the Patriarch in Threshold. We asked to keep the dragon hide prophecy, to sell to recoup our costs. We'd used a lot of potions up in the vault. Greta agreed to reimburse us instead to keep the item within the church.