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We weren't allowed to see the route into Highforge. Finston asked us to sit in the wagon. I paid attention to the turns in the road though; reckon I could find my way back if I needed to.

Finston was greeted by his wife and three children. Finston Junior was excited to see elves. His cousin from Castellan Keep joined us for lunch. Said another adventuring party had cleared out the rest of the Caves of Chaos now. Sounded like Eli's friend had been with them.

Another of Finston's cousins gave us a tour around Highforge. Took us into a military area to see the bowless crossbow. Eli tried it out but the fire elemental escaped and the weapon misfired. She was covered in soot. Outside a gnome enquired about her cleaning ritual.

Our guide took us deep down into older tunnels to see a temple of one of the immortals. No light was allowed inside. Beyond heavy stone doors was a cavern where gems in the walls glowed softly. The place was quiet and beautiful. Some gnome mystics lived there, saw one wandering around the cavern naked.

Supper was a heavy meal at an inn, with ale. Afterwards the gnomes were smoking and telling stories, and wanted to hear a few of our tales too.