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Session Notes

Present: Felix, James, Sarah, Shane.

Other large room had paper hanging down between pillars like a web. Esgal flew over the paper to scout the room. Voice in our heads told us to leave. Said "truth's an illusion". Then it ordered "kill them" and two arcanoshades flew out of the walls.

The paper formed into a humanoid creature. Apocrypha demon. It dominated Eli, made her shoot fire bolts at Xavian. Once free Eli turned on the demon, setting the paper-filled room alight. Xavian teleported to a source of magic in a corner of the room. Grabbed a vial there before the fire consumed it. A potion of vitality - very powerful healing. We dodged the expanding fire in the room as we finished the demon and the shades.

Exhausted we returned to our safe room to rest before pushing further. Checked on the guard we'd saved too.

Continued deeper into the vaults. Xavian picked a lock on a door, led to a large circular chamber. Floating balls of light lit the room. A wall of light on the far side had to be a portal.

Painting on the floor of three wizards, one carrying an orb, a wand and a sword. Rose from the floor, attacking us. Guardians of the portal and very strong, hurt us badly. Kal lost his physical body for awhile. The Eli remembered the password we'd been given, shouted out "Yeltonin". The wizards sank back into the floor and gave us no more trouble.