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Session Notes

Present: Felix, James, Sarah, Shane.

Reached the last room in the living quarters. Whispering sounds behind the door. Cold inside. Skeletons and chains hanging from the walls, for restraining monks in the past when they lost their minds? Chains came alive, squeezing around us. Found some treasure in the room to sell back in Threshold, jade bracers and three gold rings.

Back to the entrance room again, finally took the south door. Long corridor headed deep into the vaults. Large room with statue of an eladrin scholar holding a bowl of water. Eli said it was for a ritual to ask a question, but very costly on ritual components.

Corridor split, we headed left. Kal smelt more zombies behind some doors; left them alone. Came to two large rooms, sounds coming from one. Asked my raven to look around the corner first. Esgal walked around staying close to the wall. Was a torture chamber, covered in blood. Three flayed human figures working on a zombie.

Xavian charged in, surprising them. Kal followed him. An iron maiden in the corner was animated by magic, swallowed Xavian repeatedly. The eladrin escaped the first a few times, then the iron maiden spat him out when unconscious.