Minicards - Progress

To Do List


06 May 2010

v1.5 of MiniCards

  • Added a new button to report status of city levers (/citystatus command).
  • Added a new button to open parleys on a targeted NPC without displaying other dialogue options (/parleyassess command).
  • Reduced the library window to 27 cards per page. This was necessary to remove a bug seen by a few players where the last components of the window were not visible.
14 Dec 2009

v1.4 of MiniCards

  • Added a toggle button on the strategy window to open/close the bank of station gear buttons in the GearSwitcher UI mod (if this mod is also installed).
27 Sep 2009

v1.3 of MiniCards

  • The banks of load/save buttons now retain their open/closed status. If left visible when the strategy window is closed they will return when the window is reopened.
  • The banks of load/save buttons are now hidden during parleys.
  • The buttons of top of the strategy window are now centered for low level diplomats with less than 8 card slots.
  • Corrected the appearance of the empty card slots in the strategy window.
  • Fixed the relative path for the schema in DMCParleyCardLib.xml and DMCParleyCardStrat.xml to match the other xml files.
05 Jun 2009

v1.2 of MiniCards

  • Added two banks of buttons to the strategy window to load and save 10 different decks of cards. These are colour coded to prevent over-writing saved decks by accident.
  • Buttons added to the strategy window to open/close the banks of load/save buttons. Added a button to clear all cards from the current deck.
  • Added a modified parley window, with the same miniature cards and a more compact design. Also displays the full names of the player and the NPC opponent. The speak and listen buttons have been removed since they are directly available on the strategy window.
21 Dec 2008

v1.1 of MiniCards

  • New presence window created, with a small toggle button added to the strategy window.
  • Some minor improvements to button graphics.
27 Oct 2008

v1.0 of MiniCards

  • First proper release with web pages created for the project. No changes to the mod itself from v0.2.
11 Oct 2008

Beta release v0.2 following initial feedback.

  • A small toggle button has been added to allow the strategy button to be hidden. This setting can be saved per character if using /uiload and /uisave to change UI setups (or the equivalent load/save features within other UI mods).
  • The library window is now an independant window which may be positioned as desired. Added a handle to move the window easily, and right-clicking on the handle will also close the library window.
  • Fixed a problem with the library window not always closing when the strategy window is closed.
06 Oct 2008

Beta release v0.1.

  • First version of the mod, with the library window fixed above the strategy window.