MiniCards - Installation

Please note that MiniCards is not a full UI mod. It is a collection of XML files that can be installed into any other UI mod to change the default diplomacy windows and add further windows.

UI Mods Containing MiniCards

MiniCards is available within several existing UI mods which you can install.

Manual Installation of MiniCards

If you are already using another player-made UI mod and you are familiar with Vanguard's XML files and confident about editing them, you can install the MiniCards UI mod yourself by completing the steps given below. However please note that no support will be given for this process, since I am not familiar with all the various UI mods which are available.

  1. Download the latest version of the mod from here. (292KB) (292KB)

  2. The directories you choose to put the files into will vary depending on the UI mod you are using. Remember to use the correct paths when adding the files to the Index.xml and SkinInfo.xml.
  3. Place the files DMCParleyCardStrat.xml, DMCParleyCardLib.xml, DMCParley.xml, DMCParleyStrategy.xml, DMCLibraryPage.xml and DMCSavedDecks.xml together in the same directory.
  4. In Index.xml, add references for the files DMCParleyCardStrat.xml, DMCParleyStrategy.xml and DMCParley.xml.
  5. Also in Index.xml, comment out the previous files for the strategy and parley windows and the parley card. These are called VGUIParleyStrategy.xml, VGUIParley.xml and DiplomacyComponents\VGUIParleyCard.xml in the default UI but may be named differently in another UI mod.
  6. Place the files DMCParts.tga and DMCParts.xml together in the same directory.
  7. In SkinInfo.xml, add a reference for the DMCParts.xml file.
  8. Make sure the SkinInfo.xml also contains a reference for the default VgrdDiplomacy.xml, as this and the corresponding default VgrdDiplomacy.tga file are still needed.