Housing Maps

These quick reference maps show Vanguard's housing locations, together with travel points, mailboxes, bankers and general goods vendors. They may be downloaded to assist players looking to buy a housing plot for themselves.

Housing Areas on Qalia

Section of the Qalia Housing Map
Section of the Qalia Housing Map

Map Content

The housing maps have been generated in the same style as the InfoMap UI mod. However on these maps, a red dot indicated a housing plot whilst a blue dot indicates a guild hall plot.

The services markers from InfoMap have also been included on the housing maps. For players not familiar with them, a full key to these markers can be seen on the InfoMap Data and Usage page.


The zip file contains one map image for each continent. Opening these files in the basic Windows picture/photo viewer will allow you to zoom in and move around the maps to look at different areas.

HousingMaps_03JUL10.zip (1.3MB)