locCopy for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

"So that I never have to type out another set of Vanguard coordinates again!"

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locCopy is a small application that copies a set of ingame location coordinates generated in Vanguard to the Windows clipboard.

It was developed in the Autumn of 2007 for use on the Test server when testing new game content.


This application enables players to quickly copy a set of location coordinates as generated by Vanguard's /loc command. The coordinates can then be pasted (using Control-V) into the game's bug report or chat windows, or any other Windows application such as an email or text document.

The application window is very small, and will stay on top of the Vanguard window. It will initially appear in the top left corner of the screen but can be repositioned wherever is convenient. The program is intended for use when running the game in windowed mode, and is not suitable for use when playing full-screen.

A chat tab and hotkey are used to write a location to a log file. After clicking the hotkey to record a location, moving the mouse pointer over the locCopy window then triggers the application to read the log file and copy the location's coordinates to the clipboard. The log file is then deleted, however the coordinates are retained in the application window until the next log file is read (so they can be copied again manually if required).

locCopy In Use

The locCopy Application in use with Vanguard
The locCopy Application in use with Vanguard


The application is provided in a zip file, which includes a readme file containing the setup instructions.

VG_locCopy.zip (31KB)


  1. Copy the locCopy.exe program into the "bin" directories of your Vanguard installation. This must be done for both the live and test server installations if you require both, i.e.:




    Run the application from within the correct "bin" directory, i.e. if switching between Live and Test servers you will need to run the other copy, since the application only looks for log files in it's current directory. You may wish to set up shortcut/s for convenience.

  2. Set up a new chat tab called "SLC". Tick the option to display Command Results. It should not make a difference if other categories of text are reported to the tab as well.

    Do not use the "SLC" tab for logging any other information you wish to keep. Do not include the "SLC" tab in your /autolog settings.

  3. Set up a hotkey to perform the following commands:

    /log SLC
    /log SLC
  4. To copy a location, first use the hotkey then move the mouse pointer over the locCopy window. The coordinates can then be pasted anywhere using Control-V.


This is a simple tool written to perform a specific task, as such it has no extra features. The application has been tested with Vanguard on XP and Vista. It is reasonably robust, but will only work correctly when used as intended.

  1. The name of the logging chat tab must be "SLC", this cannot be altered.
  2. It is important that the hotkey opens, writes and closes each log file as a single action. If the logging of the "SLC" tab becomes out of sync with the use of the application (i.e. the game is still holding the log file open when you trigger the locCopy window) the application will crash.

    If this happens first use the /log command to switch the logging off for the "SLC" tab, then restart the application. If this happens repeatedly, check your hotkey commands are correct and make sure the "SLC" tab is not included in your /autolog settings.

Also please note that the locCopy application is not intended for recording large numbers of custom PoIs. An Automatic PoI Logging System exists on this website, which is a better tool for this purpose.