PoI Maps (v3.2)

This application displays maps of the Vanguard world of Telon, with ingame locations or "Points of Interest" (PoIs) from the database held on this site. The following features are available:

The application may also be used directly ingame via the InfoMap UI mod.

Launch Application

Select one of the maps below to start.

Thestra Kojan Qalia Isle of Dawn

These maps are designed for best performance with latest version of Firefox. The application also requires javascript to be enabled.

Each map may take a few seconds to load the first time you view it, however once your browser has cached the image it will load significantly faster in the future. It is recommended that you do not disable this caching or clear your browser's cache unnecessarily.

PoI Content

The following categories of PoIs are available:

  • Travel (e.g. Riftways and Bind Stones)
  • Services (e.g. Bankers and Mailboxes)
  • Locations (e.g. Towns and Outposts)
  • Features (e.g. Ruins and Towers)
  • Objects (e.g. Crafting Tables and Missive Postings)
  • NPCs (e.g. Vendors and Instructors)
  • Resource Nodes (by type and tier)
  • Boss and Common Mobs
  • Housing and Guild Hall Plots
  • Racial Starting Points

For further details see the PoI Database page.

Map Pages

Options to generate links to external PoIs.

Details of recent updates, the To Do list and the development history of the PoI Maps can be found here.

Application In Use

Two examples of map views within the application.

Continent Map for Thestra
Zone Map for Rhaz Inkur
Continent Map for Thestra Zone Map for Rhaz Inkur

Map Controls

Most of the map window controls are self-evident, but here are a few extra details.


Soresha (Ysora on Halgar) Design, coding, PoI database and website
GM Himmel Design and coding assistance

With thanks to
Cobal (Kobal on Halgar) Original terrain maps and city maps
Maraka (Maraka on Xeth) PoI database management
All the Vanguard PoI Loggers Submission of data