PoI Maps - Progress

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11 Nov 2012

Version 3.2 - Minor improvements:

  • Extended support for the InfoMap feature to jump straight to search results on a map, with an option for housing and guild hall plots.
  • Fixed a bug in the generation of external PoI links.
25 Jan 2010

Version 3.1 - Some improvments and new functionality for use with the InfoMap UI mod:

  • Added support for the new InfoMap feature to jump straight to displaying one resource type on a map. To give the best view ingame, the text labels are turned off and the menu is initially hidden.
  • Full support for Mysterious Metal and Corrupted Steelweave, now included as Other Resources in the menu options for PoI types and the key.
  • When reporting resource PoIs by node name, the text in the menu options for PoI types also changes to match the abbreviations.
  • Minor fix to the tier maps for different resource types with the same location.
06 Sep 2008

Version 3.0 - New features and general review of the code:

  • Added continent and zone maps for Isle of Dawn.
  • Updated to use Cobal's latest terrain maps for the Thestra, Kojan and Qalia continent and zone maps.
  • Added Cobal's city maps for Leth Nurae and Ca'ial Brael.
  • New direct search option. This is now the default mode and intended for fast access to location information when used ingame via the InfoMap UI mod. There are five basic categories for refining the search: locations, NPCs, mobs, resources and other PoI types.
  • Reworked the PoI categories used when interrogating the database by PoI type, with more sub-categories available to choose from.
  • Menu redesigned to accomodate the new options, there are now six sub-menus and the mode option for the content type has been moved above the sub-menus to be more obvious and available at all times.
  • New option to display harvestable resources either by the resource name or the node name.
  • New dark green marker to distinguish features (eg ruins) from locations (eg outposts).
  • Various changes to the key of abbreviations to match the new PoI categories.
  • Mixed tier resource names are now reported in order of tier rather than alphabetical order.
  • Underlying code restructured and database queries reviewed.
17 Feb 2008

Version 2.5 - Minor additions and improvements:

  • Option to display NPC PoIs by role and/or name. PoIs are not shown if only role or name is selected and the corresponding data does not exist for the NPC.
  • PoI markers are no longer shown for mobs if only level/rating is selected and no data exists for the mob.
  • Restructuring of code related to processing the PoI markers.
22 Jan 2008

Version 2.4 - New map images and tier distribution options, plus minor additions and improvements:

  • New full-colour terrain maps from Cobal, based on the maps included in Game Update 3.
  • Old style terrain maps updated for Game Update 3.
  • Individual maps now available for all zones on the three continents. The new zone map images are both higher quality and faster to load.
  • Separate option for selecting the detailed city maps.
  • New options to display the distribution of mobs and resources by tier. The tiered areas are coloured as per the ingame difficulty levels. Resource distribution can be shown with single and/or mixed tier nodes.
  • Zone maps can now be loaded by double clicking on the minature grid map in the menu. (Single clicks will only select a zone, as before.)
  • Option to display PoI labels for mobs by name and/or level/dot ratings.
  • All zone names checked and updated.
  • New tabbed approach to the menu, to support the growing number of options.
  • To avoid confusion some options are now hidden or disabled when inappropriate to the current settings.
  • Reload button now fixed at the top of the menu and always in sight.
08 Dec 2007

Version 2.3 - Addition of zone maps plus minor changes to improve ease of use:

  • Individual zone maps available for all terrain zones and some ocean zones. Both styles of zone maps are included (Cobal's and standard).
  • Minature grid maps in the menu from which a zone can be selected. These maps also highlight the currently selected zone to show the location on the continent.
  • Option to search for a zone by providing either (i) full or partial text for the zone name or (ii) the zone coordinates in the format "X,Y".
  • When searching by name an exact match will be returned first, otherwise if no exact match exists a partial match will be accepted. However in either case a single zone must be uniquely identified from the text for a zone to be displayed.
  • Option for a second PoI file with an alternative cross-shaped marker, which allows for comparisons between two PoI files.
  • Search option renamed as "PoI Filter" to clarity its behaviour. (Full search functionality may be added to the maps at a later date.)
  • Points of Interest section renamed as "Database PoIs" to avoid confusion with the PoI files.
  • Buttons to reload and clear PoIs added/moved to Database PoI section of the controls.
10 Oct 2007

Version 2.2 - Improvements and additional features:

  • Option to upload a CustomPoINames.txt file to view over the maps. Once uploaded, displaying the PoIs from the file can be toggled on and off. Any markup in the PoI text is removed. Search and abbreviation features are applied to the file PoIs in the same way as for database PoIs.
  • Option to display a single external PoI from an "href" link, e.g. in a forum post or an email. Access to database PoIs is restricted to the Travel and Services categories when an external PoI is viewed. Web page provided with form to access in creating links for external PoIs.
  • Search feature made easier to use.
  • Separate category for guild hall plots.
  • Total number of PoIs currently displayed is shown in the menu.
  • The key is now integrated into the map window, with controls to show/hide both the key and menu.
  • Positions of PoI markers are now highly accurate, based on precise ingame chunk geometry.
  • PoIs in the same broad categories (i.e. with the same colour markers) are now always combined if the coordinates are identical.
  • Display limit of 5000 PoIs applied across both the database and file PoI sources, intended to prevent timeouts from attempting to process excessive amounts of data.
  • Logo and link to homepage added to the menu.
  • Corrected the name displayed for the Ahgram chunk (-14,-11).
22 Aug 2007

Version 2.1 - Addition of Plot PoIs:

  • Option to display plot locations added to the General Categories section.
  • New brown and orange markers for housing and guild hall plots respectively.
  • Abbreviations for plot descriptions (giving purchase prices) added to the key.
08 Aug 2007

Version 2.0 - Major revision with the following improvements:

  • Changes to the window framework, including a scrolling side section for the controls. (Several additional controls are also planned for the next version, which in total would have covered too much of the map.)
  • Key is now given in a separate window.
  • Adjustment of zoom levels to give better scaling options.
  • Choice of Cobal's maps or the standard ingame maps.
  • New option to switch between the continents (whilst keeping the PoIs and other options currently selected).
  • Separate options for chunk lines and chunk names.
  • Now uses the same PoI categories as the downloads page, including selection of individual resource types. This enables the maps to be used to preview the PoI downloads. (The map and PoI options are disabled in preview mode since they must be changed from the downloads page to alter the content of the downloaded file).
  • Additional abbreviations for common NPCs and objects.
29 Jun 2007

Version 1.3 - Minor improvements and corrections:

  • Change to title bar text for map window.
  • Corrected name of chunk (-28,27). Thanks to Otani (Frengrot) for reporting this.
  • Added a few more abbreviations for common NPCs and objects.
07 Jun 2007

Version 1.2 - Quick update to enable tier 6 resources to be displayed.

06 Jun 2007

Version 1.1 - Map markers replaced with smaller dots (you may need to clear your browser cache to see this).

Also some behind the scenes changes to selecting and displaying the PoIs, in preparation for using the new PoI categories.

16 Mar 2007

Version 1.0 - Qalia map added, completing the set of maps. PoI total now stands at 538 locations.

02 Mar 2007

New controls for PoI categories, plus addition of simple search feature.

24 Feb 2007

Thestra map added, and some general improvements.

15 Feb 2007

Kojan map now reporting locations using the ingame coordinate system.

27 Jan 2007

First beta release with Kojan map.