Automatic PoI Logging & Database - Progress

To Do List

All previously planned improvements have been encorporated in version 1.1. No further plans at the moment.


01 Dec 2008

Added support for the metal and cloth resource types on the Shores of Darkness.

06 Sep 2008

Reclassified some features as objects, and removed the quests category. Additional abbreviations created with automatic type assignments.

17 Feb 2008

Reorganisation of NPC data in the database to support v2.5 of the PoI maps.

12 Feb 2008

Added support for the Ancient Port Warehouse zones to the admin scripts, plus improvements to reduce the work involved in processing non-resource data.

22 Jan 2008

Reorganisation of mob data in the database to support v2.4 of the PoI maps.

30 Oct 2007

Options for PoI downloads removed, pending further developments.

28 Oct 2007

Standard download collections for resources removed, due to reaching the ingame limits for displaying PoIs. However a selection of resource PoIs can still be obtained using the custom downloads form.

Text on the database/downloads and credits pages also updated.

20 Sep 2007

Quick update to add the Test Server to the list of server options when submitting names of Vanguard PoI Loggers.

31 Aug 2007

Server options for submitting names of Vanguard PoI Loggers have been switched to the post-merge servers. Loggers recorded with old server names are still displayed on the credits page.

22 Aug 2007

Addition of plot and guild hall plot categories to the database, for use with the PoI Maps of the Continents.

17 Aug 2007

Changes to the recording and reporting of servers for the Vanguard PoI Loggers, including the addition of server details to the database. No visible differences, but the website can now be switched to recording Loggers against the new servers after the merges.

08 Aug 2007

Changes to the downloads page:

  • Added option to preview PoI selections on the Maps of the Continents.
  • Removed common mobs from the Adventuring PoI selection since the PoI limit had been exceeded for Thestra.
  • Expanded list of recent updates to 5 entries.

Also added a section for bulk PoI donations to the credits page.

30 Jun 2007

Added tracking of database updates to the downloads page.

10 Jun 2007

Version 1.1 - Improvements and additional functionality for the parser:

  • Dot ratings are now captured for mobs that are logged with the mob hotkey. The resulting PoI name is given in the format "Mob Name (Level/Dot Rating)".
  • PoI lines are no longer included when the game fails to report the identity of the targeted object.
  • Up to 5 log files can now be uploaded at the same time. The results are combined into a single CustomPoINames.txt file. Thanks to Stryke (Hilsbury) for this suggestion.
  • The results from the parser are now given in a separate window, including the number of PoIs found in each file. The option to download the CustomPoINames.txt file is now given from this window. Another suggestion from Stryke (Hilsbury).
  • Additional checks are now performed on logger's names before being added to the credits. Names must meet the same rules as imposed when characters are created ingame, and first names must be unique (per server).
08 Jun 2007

Minor improvements to the downloads page:

  • Added new categories: Adventuring has been split from the Quests category, and similarly Features has been split from the Locations category.
  • Enabled downloading of tier 6 resources.
  • Added a standard Diplomacy collection.
01 Jun 2007

Version 1 - After a couple of initial glitches no further problems were seen. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the testing over the last few weeks.

  • Processing of resource nodes submitted by loggers is now automated. There was a 10 day backlog of data which has now been cleared (this added up to 338 new PoIs). Updates of resource PoIs can now be performed easily and on a frequent basis.
  • The standard Harvester's PoI selection has been broken down by resource type, since it had exceeded the PoI limit for Thestra.
27 May 2007

New pages associated with the parser and database.

  • New downloads page added, allowing customized PoI selections and well as standard selections.
  • Changelog/To Do list page added.
15 May 2007

Minor bug fix.

  • Parser now accepts log files from users who don't have the time displayed in their chat tabs.
    Thanks to Amducious (Targonor) for sending in the log file for this problem.
14 May 2007

Additional functionality for the parser.

  • Parser now removes duplicate PoI lines, to allow for accidentally hitting the hotkey twice.
    Thanks to Thalantyr for suggesting this one.
  • Also added logging of the loggers!
12 May 2007

First beta release of parser.