PoI Database

This page provides details of the PoI database that supports the Vanguard mapping projects on this website.

Current Status

Total entries: 22582 PoIs (including 9414 resources, 3033 NPCs, 4523 mobs and 3681 plots).

Updates are dependent on the volume of new data submitted by players via the parser. If you would like to see more data available in the InfoMap UI mod and the web-based PoI Maps, then you can log it.

Recent Updates

10 Nov 2012Updated tiers of resource nodes in zones: Kaon's Rush, Veskal's Exchange, Temple of Dailuk, Misthaven Crossing, Magi Hold. Added 130 PoIs including lorestones and new resource nodes in Infineum Plateaus, Sepulchral Chasm, Qa Riverbank, Shores of Darkness. Updated racial starting locations.
08 Nov 2012Updated Hathor Zhi and Temple of Dailuk riftways to blue. Updated mob level range for zones: Kaon's Rush, Silverlake, Veskal's Exchange, Hathor Zhi, Temple of Dailuk, Misthaven Crossing. Removed level and rating data for mobs in affected zones.
16 Aug 2012Updated Veskal's Exchange, Kaon's Rush, Misthaven Crossing and Silverlake riftways as blue. Removed level ranges from 7 dungeon location POIs. Fixed typing on a griffon trainer POI.
17 Jul 2010Addition of 5 PoIs for dungeons.
01 Jul 2010Addition of 19 plot PoIs for Thestra/Qalia.

See also the Changelog page.

Data Details

The resource node data is automatically averaged, providing a high degree of accuracy. Other PoIs are checked manually.

For metal, stone and wood resources each map marker is one node. For plant resources each map marker is the centre of a group of nodes. Plant nodes occur close together in groups, and individual map markers would cause unnecessary cluttering of the maps.

All resource nodes are labelled with their common names. Rare and ultra rare nodes may spawn at any location with the equivalent common name.

PoIs with identical coordinates are merged into a single map marker.


Many thanks to all the players who are using the Automatic PoI Logging System and contributing to this PoI database.
The Credits page gives a list of the Vanguard PoI Loggers, along with the other people involved in this project.